The Top Trends for Spas in 2019

09 Jul

It is a fact that one of the best ways these days to be relaxed is to go to a spa and get a massage there. That is the reason why there are many people especially women who incorporate going to the spa as part of their monthly schedule. For them it is definitely really worth it to spend one’s money on this kind of relaxation. If you are also one of those people who like getting spas then perhaps you would be interested to know about the top trends in this field for this year. Well you can read further to find out more about them. 

Salt. There are now many spas that have incorporated salt in their places. You would find some salt rooms in some spas. There are some who have replaced basalt stones with salt stones in their hot stone massage. There are even salt beds and salt lamps that are used in spas. You can even find salt manicure and pedicure. Do check out info on virtual reality spa

There are many benefits that can be found in using salt. Salt is said to be good for those who have respiratory issues. It also is an ingredient that can induce calmness and detoxification in a person. Aside from that mineral salts have been shown to have moisturizing effects on the skin which make it glowing. 

Cryotherapy. Now there are some spas that offer cryotherapy because of the reported benefits that people can get from it. Some of these benefits include reduction of pain, removal of toxins, rejuvenation of cells and reduction of cellulite and fat. You can even cryofacials now. 

Virtual Reality. Technology has found its way to the spas and this can be seen in the use of virtual reality in some spas. In these spas you will really feel like you are transported in a zen place as you receive your massage there.  Do check out CBD Spa solutions. 

CBD. There are many reported benefits that CBD has and they have found their way to spas as well. They are used as ingredients in some massages as well. 

Airport spas. There are now some airports where you can have your spa before you fly so that you can feel rested and relaxed before you get on your plane. You can also do so after a long flight which will surely rejuvenate you and possibly help with jet lag. 

These are just some of the top trends in spa for 2019. Learn more about spas here: 

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